Sunday, 5 August 2012

We like to provide all the support possible to riders...

I am on a high......I thought that it would be silly not to make use of the world class medical facilities available in the Olympic Village so through Andy Thomas and the BOA, I was booked in to have an MRI on my foot that has caused me the occasional issue over the years. I arrived at the appointed time, escorted by Captain Fingers (Andy) and the first question I was asked was......"have you finished competing", yes yes.......someone thinks I am an Olympic athlete! I believe there are also opticians available.... Joking aside, the facilities were truly breathtaking, the staff friendly, helpful and clearly at the very top of the profession. Oh, yes, I now know what has been aggravating matters in my paw.

Yesterday was Jumping day 1...... I note that there are now interlopers on my Blog page so you know the results and the comments by Nick, Ben, Peter and Scott. We are clearly a close team in the Equestrian team and have perfected the art of doing things in pairs.....1st fence Eventing Individual Final, on the diagonal in the Grand Prix and the triple bar yesterday!

Yesterday's competition counted towards the qualification for the individual final and the results dictated the Team starting order for today's Nations' Cup (team competition). I have said it before and I will say it again.....competition here at Greenwich is very very close. One rail down separated the rider in 42nd and 1st = yesterday. 4 faults as a team score means that we start in the first group today not the top group of 8 teams. All teams start on a score of 0 today so if we can post three clears that will really put the pressure on those that come later.

Dressage had a relaxed day yesterday - this is a crucial time for them as there is a big break between the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix would be easy for the riders to over work the horses or not find time to relax themselves......the later was achieved by a visit to the Village.

We did have a slight incident the other day with one of our Vets...worrying really.. Step 1 collect urine from a horse for urinalysis. Step 2 place beaker of urine next to cup of coffee. Step 3 not concentrate whilst picking up coffee to drink. Step 4 leave the stables trying to remain incognito to spit urine out that has been consumed.

We like to provide all the support possible to riders.....including mounting blocks......(do NOT try this at home).

Carl gets a helping hand


  1. ...lovely Carl. I guess you use a slide to get off...

    by the way, well done to you and the team and good luck next week x

  2. Good luck over the next few days! It is really interesting reading your posts as we otherwise wouldn't get to know about all these things!

  3. Love The Vet Thing, Its A Thing That You never Want To Happen To You But If It Did You Would Want No-one Around To Witness It.
    Well Done Team GB, Cant Wait To See Where We Stand, And Cant Wait To Prove To Every ****er That Seems To Believe That Equestrian Sports Are not Actually Sports, When In Fact It Is, And Its One Of The Most Successful Sports Throughout The UK.

  4. Spare a thought for us poor volunteers in spectator medical at Greenwich - missing out on all the backstage fun but loving we get the chance to watch between clients!! Go Team GB xxxx PS can we have some signed postcards and pins too please xxx

  5. Love that pic! And have already tried that at home :-)

    Very well done to Team GB so far, looking forward to the rest of the competition.