Saturday, 4 August 2012

Scott comments

An early mistake on course for Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos mean they finish with an unlucky four faults. Scott commented;

"The crowds are just amazing; that makes a big difference and when they get behind you the whole thing is fantastic. My horse [Hello Sanctos] started off just a little bit nervous about the whole thing but he finished off good and confident so he can only get better hopefully.

"I was itching to get going, there’s a bit of hanging about when you first come here so it’s good to get started. The other two [Nick and Ben] were great - I watched them and I think they’ll get better as well. Their horses looked just a little bit tense but I think they’ll all come out better tomorrow.

"My horse is a bit of a nervous horse compared to the other ones so I expected him to be a little bit worried with that atmosphere. I think even though we won the World Cup in Florida I still didn’t think we were just there but as soon as we came back and we started in Europe in the spring we felt perfect together, a real good partnership.

"I think the course builder has done a good job because you’ve got a lot of countries here and young horses as well as more experienced horses and I think he’s done a great job. Its technical - twisty and turny and it has everything in it but it’s not massive so it doesn’t challenge the horses too much on the first day. All the riders are happy with that."

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