Thursday, 9 August 2012

Comments from our individual dressage medal winners!

Olympic Record (third Olympic record of Charlotte’s competition)

Charlotte rode to a medley of British classics including The Great Escape, Land of Hope and Glory and Big Ben Chimes

Charlotte Dujardin

Unbelievable, I’ve always known that my horse could achieve this but with the atmosphere and expectations, actually doing it is something else. It’s been amazing since I got the phone call to say I’d made the team, not many people get this chance and to come here with such a fantastic horse like Valegro and win doesn’t feel real. He felt a bit tired today but he gave me his all, he’s never let me down, he’s the horse of a lifetime.

Laura rode to music from the Lion King

Laura Bechtolsheimer

I’m very happy; my horse is 17 now so to compete against these young horses with such enthusiasm makes me very emotional. He’s just got better and better all week and today I wanted to do him justice and enjoy it. He was amazing, I could ride for the maximum in every movement, it was like telepathy between us and he had so much power. The whole experience has been awesome and this crowd has carried us to our gold and two silver medals.

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